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Concolic_execution - Linux kernel Fuzz tool release (1)
The most important security protocol on the Internet, the TLS 1.3 update, provides better privacy, security, and performance (1)
Wear Cloud Fog: Penetration Testing of Tesla Automotive Gateways, Body Control Modules and Autopilot ECUs from BlackHat USA 2018 (1)
Traveling in Hexagon: Analyze Qualcomm Baseband from DEFCON 26 (1)
PrintDialog.exe – another built-in app for loading DLLs (1)
Bypass drive signature forced detection from DEFCON 26 (1)
SystemSettings.exe - another built-in app for loading DLLs (1)
How to attack WebSockets and (1)
Voracle - Compression Oracle attack on VPN tunnel from BlackHat USA 2018 (1)
ExchangeRelayX - NTLM relay tool for the Exchange EWS interface (1)
WindowsDefenderTools - Tools developed for reverse engineering Windows Defender mpengine.dll (1)
Bypassing the next generation of antivirus software (1)
Histories of comparing binaries with source codes (1)
Identify the host fingerprint using PoolTag (1)
Kernel access to macOS via "combined" mouse clicks from threatpost reports (1)
Intrusion Analysis Part 2: Escape Defense (1)
Issues and video material on Defcon 26 (1)
Bodhi - Focus on learning virtual environments that exploit client-side Web vulnerabilities (1)
Hcxdumptool - a gadget to capture packets from wireless network devices (1)
Wrangling the Ghost: Inside Story of Speculative Execution Side Channel Vulnerability Mitigation, from BlackHat USA 2018 (1)
How to escape async/await hell (1)
iOS penetration testing tool Part 1: App Decryption & class-dump (1)
syscall_exploit_CVE-2018-8897: POP/MOV SS (CVE-2018-8897) vulnerability local rights (1)
Pure-bash-bible - bash common feature code snippet collection (1)
Malicious macro analysis using multiple escaping techniques (1)
TCP Security Vulnerability in Linux Kernel (CVE-2018-5390) (1)
iOS jailbreak insider (2): escape the sandbox by callback (1)
iOS jailbreak details revealed: dangerous user-mode read-only memory, interpretation of the topic from Tencent Cohen Lab Black Hat USA 2018 (1)
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