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drAFL - AFL + DynamoRIO can have fuzzing Linu x binary files without source code (1)
Backdoor introduction for Oracle JDBC (1)
A detailed introduction to the Symbolic Emulator: Part 1 (1)
Automate the analysis of the heap allocator by using symbolic execution techniques to assess whether a patch can mitigate the attack (paper) (1)
'How to irregular cyber warfare', an introduction to the irregular network war strategy (1)
Mozilla's Firefox Application Update Service Security Audit Report (1)
In-depth analysis of Hancitor malicious samples: 1) (1)
Not a fair game, Dice2win fairness analysis (1)
Censys-subdomain-finder - a tool for collecting subdomains from Censys' certificate transparent logs (1)
Security analysis tool for proprietary car protocol CANalyzat0r (1)
Tcpbin - a tool for logging TCP Socket detailed logs (1)
ReconDog - Swiss Army Knife for detecting information (1)
Haxxmap - a tool for proxy IMAP services to get passwords (1)
How to find a new way to persist (1)
Behavioral analysis of lightweight malware through dynamic binary detection (1)
December 31, 2018 PHP 5.6.x security support will officially stop, about 62% of Internet sites will run unsupported PHP versions (1)
Detailed analysis of the Firefox JavaScript type confusion RCE vulnerability (CVE-2018-12386) (1)
Describe in detail what Proto-PTE is and how Windows VMM uses it (1)
Dexter - an extensible forensic framework (1)
Graphical TLS connection principle (1)
Execute macros directly in Office 2011 for Mac using the Sylk file format (1)
How do I attack the payment application of modern vending machines? (1)
The attacker uses a fake browser to update the MikroTik router that attacks the intranet (1)
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Unc0ver - jailbreak for iOS 11.0 - 11.4b3 (1)
Introduction to error in cache array state in iOS 12 Safari (1)
Multiple attacks on LDAP, Kerberos, and MSRPC in Active Directory (1)
HEVD exploit code for Windows 10 v1703 x64 (1)
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Wi-Fi call service security research and proof-of-concept attack (Paper) (1)